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We source for you
Acceptable quality level
Competitive price
The best ever after sale service


We bring to you
Best product realization.
Expansion of customer base
Exploring untapped potential markets
New Products Development


We offer you
Timely remittance of commission.
Weekly market updates
Your extended arm in South East Asia
Timely delivery of documents.
Tracking of containers


Quality is built into any product right from conception to devliery to the end user. We, at Smart Sourcing perfectly understand the need of Quality Assurance and always strive towards achieving the same.

Procedure Followed for Quality Assurance.
In order to ensure reproducible and reliable test results of the material, random sampling is done. The samples are then kept in lab for 24 hours under standard atmospheric conditions. Then USTER results are taken after proper calibration of testing equipments according to prescribed testing time and speed. Finally CLASSIMAT tests are conducted to properly analyse the long term and short term faults in order to advise corrective action for further supplies.

We also send yarn for knitting to check its knitability on circular knitting machines. Knitted fabric samples are further sent for bleaching and dyeing mainly in bottle green or navy blue colors to check the dye pickup ability of the fabric.

Grey, bleached and dyed fabric is properly analysed on different parameters like contamination (PP & Foreign Fibers) dead fibers, barriness, dye pickup, fabric appearance and hand feel.

We have standard norms for acceptable quality as per the International markets. We make proper test report in accordance with our standard format for detailed analysis.

Yarn lot is only finalized / approved when all the test results fall within the acceptable norms.

If need persists we do not mind sharing this detailed analysis report with our valued customers and associates.

Procedure Followed for Redressal of Grievances & Claim Handling.

In case of any Quality related issues, we go into in depth details to find the root cause of the problem and advise suitable measures to first improve the quality of goods and then settlement of claims, if any to the best satisifaction of both the buyer and seller. If required, we take opinions from industry experts and independent labs like SGS, BITRA, SITRA & NITRA etc.